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Gone are the days when walls were simply walls. These days, walls are silent storytellers in the language of their interior design. They are endowed with the ability to communicate emotions, set moods, and influence your perceptions all through the simple act of being painted in different shades. 

Therefore, you would want to make sure they communicate the language you want them to, set moods accordingly, and influence perceptions the way you want, which is why you will need to make interior choices carefully so you can rest assured while your walls do the talking. 

So, what colors should you choose? Should you go for a combo of two colors? Should you go according to the overall decor or choose decor after selecting the paint color? So many questions! And why not? When the walls have to do the talking, let them be proficient and influential.

The Accent Wall

An accent is a single wall in a room that is intentionally designed to stand out. It serves as your canvas for creativity, an opportunity for you to experiment with colors, materials, and textures. But we can do these with all the other walls as well.

Below are some of the reasons why one should have accent walls: 

Personal Expression: It gives you a chance to infuse your personal style into your own room or living space. If you are drawn towards bold colors or patterns or want to infuse your creativity on walls, accent walls can be a perfect option for you to do so. 

Instant wow factor: An accent wall has a significant impact on the ambiance of the room. You can choose if you want to add a sense of curiosity, go for something spiritual, or let it be simple. 

Focal Point: You can make the accent wall the focal point of your room and use that to highlight your favorite art pieces or your favorite piece of furniture. 

Small Space Illusion: Accent walls, if designed properly, can visually expand smaller rooms or smaller areas of the house. It makes the area look more significant and inviting.


Choosing your Palette

The first thing you have to do is make your choice. Choose the color, texture, or design you want to use for your accent walls. Below are some ideas that you might want to take into consideration while choosing your palette: 

Personal Preferences: Well, that accent wall is yours, and you do not get to make this choice every day. So make sure you make your choice wisely and make it count. 

Bold and Vibrant: Bold and Vibrant does not mean you should use any color that looks bold or vibrant. You must choose in accordance with the rest of the walls so that the accent wall stands out distinctively and beautifully, not mismatched and a misfit. 

Texture and materials: You can try using materials like reclaimed wood, brick veneer, or stones for a tactile accent. These add to the depth and character of your accent wall. 

Pattern play: You can even choose wallpapers. They have a myriad of options to choose from with different patterns and designs, and they even save you time trying to look for designs. 

When you have made your choice, ensure that you reach out to a professional to get your walls painted because amateur painters might not give you the result you might be expecting. Talking of professionals, All Star Painter Florida is one of the best local painters that can transform and paint your house as per your preferences.

Placement Matters

The placement of the accent walls contributes to the overall look of it. You may select everything stunning and perfect, and it would still not be worth the time and effort spent because of the placement of the accent walls. You can consider the following placement options: 

Behind the bed: If you’re thinking of having an accent wall in your bedroom, the wall behind your bed is the best possible option. It not only frames the sleeping area but also sets a cozy and intimate tone. 

Living room Drama: We spend a lot of time in our living room as well, mostly in front of the television. An accent wall behind your entertainment center, whether it is a television or game center or behind the sofa, can serve as a striking backdrop.  

Dining Elegance: Dining halls should be cozy and comfortable. Choose a place where your dining table sits. 

Kitchen Creativity: You can go for accent walls in your kitchen, especially if you are a lady or spend a lot of time in the kitchen. 

Entryway Impact: You can make a striking first impression by accentuating the accent wall at the entrance of the house. It serves as a stylish and silent welcome for your guests even when you are not around.


Finishing Touches

When you are finally done deciding everything and your wall is set up, you can adore it with chosen art pieces, favorite furniture, or any kind of decor that you want to flaunt or want people to notice without showing it yourself.

You can choose from the following options: 

Complementary Decor: You can use it for decor items like artwork, mirrors, or shelving. This will enhance the visual impact of the walls. 

Balance and Harmony: Make sure that you do not decorate the wall with anything that does not align with the rest of the room. Balance the harmony so the wall stands out uniquely and complements the overall look of the room. 

Lighting Matters: You can use lighting to enhance the overall features of the wall. Spotlighting, sconces, or pendant lights can create a captivating ambiance around the accent wall. 

Minimalism: Try not to keep a lot of things around or near the accent wall, or do not overlighten it with lights. Accent walls can do their own wonders, and too much of anything might not have the same impact, so keep it minimal and focused.



An accent wall can be your canvas, and now that the walls not only have ears but can also speak, you can express yourself through them. 

If you are not so sure about the paints or the wallpapers or you keep changing your mind, you can try drawing different patterns or designs on your own and discover which one goes with the overall ambiance of the room.