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Home inspections are very important before buying a house to protect the buyer’s investment, ensure safety and prevent injuries or further damages. Following is an overview of home inspection guidelines/checklist, so buyers can perform basic or more advanced inspections with ease.


1. Pest And Building Inspection

It is always good to get a pest inspection done for the buyer’s safety. This inspection mainly deals with verifying whether termites, rodents, or other pests are present in the house. You can get pest and building inspection Perth services for an extensive range of building, and pest inspections, that come with detailed reports sent on the same day. The inspector also checks for water leakage and damage. If there are leaks, then you could have leaking pipes, rotting wood, or damaged roofs—the building inspection deals with verifying if there are any major structural issues with the home. There could be problems with the foundation, roof, walls, and other major components of a house. It is a good idea to hire a professional for this task as it involves complex procedures.

2. Electrical Inspection

Electrical inspections are very important and serve more than one purpose, such as checking if there are any electrical hazards, poorly maintained outlets, and electric wires. Sometimes wiring of a home can be really outdated, so it is important to get an inspection done. The inspection also verifies if there are any faulty electrical components, damage due to moisture and termites, water leakage near electrical appliances, etc.


3. Air Conditioning Inspection

This is the best way to find out how well-maintained the air conditioners in your house are. This check should be done before buying the home because if you discover that it needs fixing, then you can negotiate with the seller for a lower price or else avoid buying such houses which need large costs associated with repairs/replacements of ACs. There could be problems like leaks in refrigerant lines, drainage issues, and other major problems which need expert assistance for their repair.




4. Heating Inspection

Heating and cooling systems need regular servicing and maintenance for efficient usage and to avoid any damages. Quality inspections verify if the house has any problems with heating systems, blocked or clogged chimneys, damage due to water leakage etc. This check is very important because we feel the maximum impact of inefficient heating system in winters when our houses are surrounded by cold weather conditions outside. Sometimes there can be gas leaks or carbon monoxide poisoning issues during this step, so it is important to hire a professional for avoiding such risks.


5. Foundation Inspection

Foundation problems are very important to be checked for the safety of your loved ones at home. This check verifies if there are any cracks in the foundation, which can lead to further damages or water seepage during rains into your house. If foundations are cracked, then it is better to avoid buying such houses because they have high chances of facing more damages in near future. Foundation inspections also check if crawlspaces and basements have moisture issues due to blocked drainage system or entry points for rodents, etc.


This checklist can be used to inspect homes on your own. However, if you want some expert assistance then it is better to hire a professional for avoiding any risks. These home inspections are important because they help buyers avoid buying houses which need larger repairs and replacement costs.