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A roofing job is one of the more expensive tasks that you have to undertake to perform your home. You do all the work to find a roofing contractor, only for the work to be substandard, causing you more problems in the future.


How do you know if you’ve experienced poor roofing? Check out the key signs below:

The Roof Doesn’t Have a Uniform Appearance

If you notice that your roof doesn’t have a uniform appearance, it potentially means that the roof was poorly installed and settled. Some clear-cut signs of poor roofing installations include the following signs:


  • Sagging and uneven roofing lines
  • Different shingles colours and shapes
  • Uneven gutters, soffit and fascia outlines
  • Different roofing materials on one section of the roof
  • Stains on the roof


Improper Roof Nailing

Wrong nailing techniques and executions are some of the most common signs of bad roofing problems. The only issue with the nailing is that it can be difficult to determine the problem, as you’ll have to require a super close inspection.


If you do inspect your roof, or hire an experienced roofing company to do it for you, these are the signs that highlight the problem:


  • Overdriven nails, which is when the nails are driven in too deep into the shingles
  • The nails have rust, as high-quality roofing company use corrosion-resistant nails only, thereby guaranteeing long-term durability
  • Nails in the wrong locations are a common sign that poor workmanship has occurred


The Flashing Has No Dripping Edge

The flashing is an important layer of your roof, securing your home against leaks, water damage and pest infestation. But a part of the flashing that is crucial is the drip edge, which is installed in the edge of the roof alongside the flashing.


However, it is extremely difficult to spot whether the roof has a drip edge or not. You should call a roofer to solve this problem if you notice the following signs in your home or roof:


  • Leaks in the ceilings or walls
  • Moisture build-up in your home
  • Poor attic condensation


IMPORTANT – Finding the Right Roofing Contractors

By now, you probably know the solution to avoiding these types of issues: finding the right roofing contractor that delivers a high-level of workmanship and guarantees that your roof is in premium condition. Here are five things to look for in a contractor:


  1. Qualifications and certifications – this guarantees that the contractor you’re hiring is of the highest quality, certified by local organizations and associations. Great companies carry certifications, licenses, and necessary paperwork to prove that they deliver quality services.
  2. References and reviews – what other customers say about the contractor will give all the indication you need on whether you should hire them or not. Bad reviews and poor references highlight a problem, while outstanding reviews mean that the team for you. Ask for references from them, check online reviews and check their SEO rankings on Google (the higher, the better).
  3. Their pricing structure – remember that the lowest price isn’t always the best. Too cheap, and the contractor could be holding back services. Too pricey, and they’re trying to gauge you for money. The trick is to find the in-between: high-quality work for competitive prices.
  4. Experience in the industry – the longer the roofing company has been in the industry, coupled with great reviews, the better their reputation and work. You can’t be roofing for over 10 years and not be good at it.
  5. List of services – make sure that the company offers a range of services that meet your needs. Not only roofing companies can handle repairs for particular materials or types of roofs. Do your research before and hire someone capable of handling the job.


By doing research beforehand, you’ll be able to find a roofing company that delivers high-quality work, eliminating any potential problems that come with poor workmanship. If you notice that you have issues with your roof, find someone you can trust to repair the damages sooner rather than later.