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An outdoor grill is a perfect addition to your outdoor living area, not only utilizing its purpose when the BBQ season finally arrives but also making for an ideal accessory to outdoor entertaining. An outdoor kitchen will provide the much-needed backyard addition to your patio, not only creating an outdoor living area like no other but adding value to your home in the process.


However, installing an outdoor kitchen might not be as straightforward as it may seem at first glance. You might be asking yourself various questions: whether you should invest in a built in outdoor grill or opt for a free-standing range, or maybe if you should take it a step further and install other appliances alongside it. So whether an outdoor grill accompanied by some wooden cabinets is the concept you have in mind, or maybe a more straightforward DIY project is on your radar this time- we’ve got all the in and out’s of how to build one properly!


Choose the Right Grill

This point may sound obvious, but you may be shocked as to how many people are left unsatisfied with their appliances- simply because they haven’t chosen the right ones to suit their desired needs.


While choosing the right outdoor grill, make sure to consider the most critical aspects an outdoor kitchen should meet to utilize its purpose. If it’s entertaining, that’s mostly on your mind, equip yourself with appliances large enough to be able to grill numerous food items simultaneously. You may also opt for a bigger grilling system that will allow you to get the most out of entertaining your friends.


Suppose you’re more inclined to keep your outdoor experience private, design a BBQ grill that will only have to be used to serve yourself and your family. In this case, dedicate your money to quality smaller appliances made out of materials such as stainless steel, rather than choosing larger sized equipment you may not necessarily need.


Electric vs. Gas

Building an outdoor grill requires some thoughtful consideration, and whether you should opt for an electric or gas grill is probably one of the most crucial ones.


On the one hand, electric grills are praised for being a ‘healthier’ way of cooking, which does not produce any carcinogens, and doesn’t require the use of unsustainable fuels that may not be the best for the environment or your health.


A significant advantage of electric grill stoves is that they can be placed anywhere and don’t require a large amount of installation space. On the other hand, gas grill cookers’ placement needs to be carefully regarded, as the flames coming off the BBQ may become a fire hazard to objects nearby.


If you want to bring the authentic flavors of a BBQ to your backyard, we certainly recommend opting for a gas grill, as those provide the most authentic taste of a true BBQ. Electrically powered grills do not, unfortunately, offer the same unique and original flavors as those a gas grill can produce.


With an electrical grill, Searing foods may not be possible, as that would require an intense amount of heat over a prolonged period of time, which would more likely result in the electrical grill burning the food.


If your cooking appliances’ easy maintenance is a high priority of yours, we certainly recommend going for a gas grill. Its parts are easily removable, and you don’t have to worry about getting any electrical cables wet, as it’s not connected to any external electrical sources. A gas grill can be washed with warm water and a dedicated cleaning detergent, whereas an electrical grill requires much more vigilance in the cleaning process.


What Else to Add?

You might want to consider expanding your patio space beyond adding a grill onto it but utilizing the space to construct a full outdoor living experience. If you’re going to go further than only going for a simple DIY process, why not spend the extra few bucks on adding a water system to install a sink and adding a small fridge in the cabinet space. This will make your grilling experience so much more comfortable, as you won’t have to be running inside every few minutes to grab something from the fridge or wash something off- you’ll have it all in your proximity. Those few added features will set your budget back a bit more, but they’re certainly worth it, as you’ll be able to entertain your friends without missing a moment out yourself!


Another great feature might be adding a mini wine fridge because lets be honest, who doesn’t enjoy a cold beer with some BBQ- a feature you certainly won’t regret in the long run!



An outdoor grill is an investment you can’t go wrong with; it can be a great addition to your patio space, as well as an excellent opportunity to enhance your cooking skills and show off to your guests. Make sure you equip yourself with a good quality grill that will last you for years to come and that won’t break down after a season of using it. Don’t forget to teach yourself some new BBQ recipes so that you can enjoy your grilling experience to the fullest!