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Windows are what breathes new life into your home by bringing in fresh air and sunshine. Some might not realize a third way you can accomplish this – it’s by getting new windows! However, installing new windows isn’t easy, especially if your windows are in hard-to-reach areas and come in big, custom sizes.

Naturally, your first thought is to call and hire window installers. Then, your second thought soon after is the question: how much will it cost to hire them? In which case, your third thought should be to continue reading to get the answers!

From there, you can better understand costs and budget accordingly!


Window Installation Cost Factors

Windows might seem like a monolith for most people since they’re seen in various places, from your home to commercial spaces. They all serve the same function, but they most certainly are not the same at all. Since they’re all different, you can expect the costs to vary depending on key factors.

These are the factors you need to consider before you decide to hire a window installation:


The Window Type

As previously mentioned, not all windows are the same. Depending on the size, shape, and fitting, you can expect them to affect installation costs easily. For instance, if you wished to have casement windows. These windows are attached to their frame by one or more hinges. You can think of these windows as a crank since they use a crank to open up instead of a knob. Typically, these can range from $200 – $1,400 for pricing.

Meanwhile, something like bay and bow windows will be more costly in comparison. These types of windows usually are either three-sided or more, and the cost reflects the quantity as such. In which case, you can expect them to range between $1,000 – $4,500.

Beyond the design, you need to factor in how much material can potentially cost you. For windows, materials like vinyl, fibreglass, or composite are used. In which case, you can expect the costs to vary depending on what you choose.


Type of Installation

You might think that window installation has only one approach. But, in actuality, it doesn’t! If you’re planning to hire window installation, you want to know the two different types of installation since they will have a different price points. These are full installation or glass inserts. For the most part, full installation will replace your entire window, casting and all.

Meanwhile, glass inserts are the easier of the two and involve just replacing the window glass. In this case, compared to the two types of installation, you can expect full installation to cost 15% more since it’s more complex.


The Labour Costs

It takes time and effort to get windows properly installed. In this case, you can naturally expect there will be labour costs. However, not all labour costs are the same. Depending on your window supplier, they can charge their own rates based on experience and quality of work.


Removing Old Windows 

Many might be surprised you need to pay a little extra for old windows. However, it’s only in certain circumstances. For instance, if the fitting is damaged. Alternatively, if there needs to be additional work done to ensure your new windows are installed properly. If that’s the case, you can expect the overall cost of installation to be influenced.


The Cost Estimates of Window Installation

After understanding what factors into window installation costs, getting a clearer idea of cost estimates is great for seeing how they all come together for overall pricing.

On average, hiring someone to install your windows can cost between $2,977 and $9,740. However, the general average is $6,358. Again, factors come into play that influence the price (i.e. the number of windows, type of window, labour, etc.).

Furthermore, when hiring someone, you need to consider the cost of labour since window installers have varying prices. You can expect it to cost between $150 to $800 per window or about $40 per hour.

Getting new windows can be exciting. Hopefully, this gives you a clearer idea of what you can expect and the value behind the installation, so your brand new windows feel like they’re worth every penny!