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Last year when I moved out of my home, I was over the moon but boy was I wrong to be excited in this economy.

Do not get me wrong, my moving out journey was fun but it made me financially crippled. I moved out into the smallest possible studio in NY. It was like a dream come true but the measurement of the studio was quite shocking for some. To make matters worse, I was renting it.

This means, no modification, no nails, or renovation projects. In my naïve teenage mind, I thought I would become some DIY queen but I realized my landlord was telling me to get into the lifeless coffin for the rest of the year.

Did I give up? Well, I am proud to say I did not.

Enter YouTube and renovation blogs. I was up late every day watching long tutorials on how to fix things and where to buy renters-friendly appliances. Even in the middle of the night, I would wake up to some random renovation vlog running in the background all thanks to my Spectrum unlimited internet. 


Top 5 Ways to Turn a Small Space into Aesthetic Home

Now fast-forward six months later, I have the simplest layout with the best smart appliances and aesthetic home decor. If you are interested, here is my journey toward a smart home as a renter.


Look For Adhesives

When I started decorating, I had an obsession with wall frames and wall art. So eventually, I bought things in bulk only to realize I could not hang them anywhere. This is the reason I started buying adhesives. Double tapes, glue, single tape, transparent tape, hooks with adhesives and binders. You name and there is a high chance I have it already somewhere at home.

Most adhesives are strong so they can hold a lot of weight but when you peel them off, their strong glue also removes the paint. This is quite a common issue so; make sure you experiment with different adhesive options before you make a choice. Otherwise, you will be paying a lot for the maintenance.


Look For a Wireless Option

Cluttered wires can instantly make your small apartment unit more crowded, however, when you are living in a small home even your own presence can make it look like a closed box. This is where you need to see smaller wireless options for your home. From the internet to daily appliances like TVs, speakers or daily appliances buy wireless options.

In case, you fail to buy wireless appliances, try to tuck the wires as neatly as possible. You can also find invisible hooks that you can paste behind your appliances and wrap the wires around. This is a renters-friendly option because you cannot invest in a high-end wireless option or hire a professional to adjust the wires.


Go for Small Appliances and furniture

A very fun way to elevate you’re your lifestyle and the overall look of your house is to just get smaller appliances and furniture. Appliances are a great way to make your home look more presentable but generally, appliances when placed in a small home can make it look congested. This is a common issue and since appliances are important, people have no idea what to do when appliances do not fit.

Well, you can seek multipurpose furniture and smaller appliances. There are stores dedicated to small furniture and most of the companies offer appliances that are designed for small homes. In fact, some companies also offer personalized options for people who are looking for small apartments.


Build a Good Layout

A strong layout will instantly give your home a much better and more aesthetic appeal. Since the measurement of your home is important, shoving in big appliances will instantly crowd the home. On the contrary, if you look for small appliances, and a lot of mirrors and utilize negative light, it will instantly help you elevate the look of your apartment.

There are so many YouTube channels dedicated to understanding layouts. Most of these channels discuss the use of sunlight, negative space, and utilizing simple tricks to create an illusion of a bigger house. YouTube channels like the local project and the luxury home show will offer you great insight into the importance of layouts. Both these channels mainly believe in show not tell method so it can be a great help for someone who has no idea of measurements and architecture.


Seek Inspiration

Rome wasn’t built overnight so I don’t expect you to complete your renovation within just a few days or weeks. The goal is to research things and explore your aesthetic before you implement it. Social media is a great way to seek inspiration, you can start from Instagram and Pinterest to find your next DIY.

While searching online, go for the renters’ friendly option or search for videos that are meant for renters. Since my studio was really tiny, I explored small home aesthetics and followed YouTubers who were living in tiny apartments. Moreover, there are YouTube channels dedicated to small homes. My recommendation is to try a small home big living or never too small. Both these channels explore some out-of-the-box ideas but keep an open mind while exploring these ideas because most of these ideas are not renters friendly.


Wrap Up

Decorating home is something that most people relish but when options are limited, prepare to have a few tricks up your sleeves. The above-mentioned tips are practical and functional so these can be helpful.



Photo by Max Vakhtbovycn: https://www.pexels.com/photo/contemporary-small-kitchen-design-7166932/