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Taking care of your yard is one household obligation that most homeowners value. According to recent statistics out of all new homes sold in 2015, 90% of them were detached homes, meaning they had a yard. While the average yard size is only 0.14 acres, people take pride in their lawns and do everything they can to keep them looking nice. If you highly value your yard space and want to keep it looking pristine, you should invest in a backpack sprayer.


 What Is A Backpack Sprayer?


Backyard sprayers are an easy and efficient way to help you care for your lawn. You attach the tank of the sprayer to your back like a backpack and use the wand in your hand to spray liquids around your yard. Some people choose to fill the sprayer with pesticides to treat unwelcome plants and weeds in their yard. Others may choose to fill the sprayer with water so that they can easily water plants in their yard.


 Benefits Of Using A Backpack Sprayer


Backpack sprayers are very efficient and great for smaller lawns and gardens. You can easily haul the tank of water or pesticides on your back and spray your entire lawn without feeling tired or overwhelmed. The shoulder straps of the tank do all of the work for you. Therefore, you don’t have to consistently lift a heavy tank with your arms. Recent studies have shown that nearly  65 million Americans have back problems. If you struggle with back problems, you can use a backpack sprayer to help you find relief while taking care of your yard.


Backpack sprayers also make the job of applying liquids much easier. You can walk in a straight line to ensure you hit every spot of your yard without having to put the tank down once. This is ideal for those looking to achieve a professional quality lawn. You can use a backpack sprayer to cut down on the time that you spend taking care of your yard.


Another great benefit of using a backpack sprayer is that it allows you to spray a pesticide or water from a safe distance. You can spray the liquids without getting any chemicals on yourself. You can also spray the liquids from a safe distance away from your plants. You will not need to worry about walking through your plants and stepping on them. It can help protect your plants from the chemicals and from your own feet.


 Types of Backpack Sprayers


One main type of sprayer is the piston sprayer. This sprayer forces you to pump the pressure in the sprayer to get a powerful spray each time. It can reach high and powerful pressures so you should be careful not to pump it too much. This type of sprayer is good for herbicides, insecticides, and water. They are also easy to repair, so if you damage it, you can often find a replacement part.


Another main type of sprayer is the diaphragm sprayer. This sprayer also forces you to pump the handle to create pressure. These sprayers are more durable and can last longer than piston sprayers. While they are more durable, they often do not get as much pressure as the piston sprayer. These sprayers can be used with all liquids or powders that you may want to use in your garden, so there is more flexibility.


 Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Backpack Sprayer


Tank Size: One of the main things that you should consider before purchasing a backpack sprayer is the size tank that you may need. If you have a small yard, you will likely only need a small tank. If you have a large yard and do not want to stop to refill, you should invest in a larger tank. Another thing to consider is how heavy the tank will get. If you are of smaller stature, you may only be able to carry a smaller tank.


Safety Options: Anytime you use chemicals, you need to be very careful. Make sure your backpack sprayer has a variety of safety features to help keep you safe. They should all come with shut off valves and lock-off or lock-on features. They should all also feature a controlled sprayer to help prevent drips and leaks from getting on your body or clothes.


Nozzles: If you want to achieve the perfect lawn, you may need to find a backpack sprayer that comes with different nozzles to accomplish different tasks.



Backpack sprayers are essential for people who want to care for their yard and garden. They allow you to easily and efficiently spray liquids to your yard in a fraction of the time. You can safely care for your yard and make it look like a professional was there. Your yard is the first impression that people have of your home and one of the main things people look at when buying a home. If you want your home to create a great impression and you want to increase the overall value of your home, you should consider investing in a backpack sprayer to help you care for your yard.