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Home improvements are changes made to alter how a home’s space functions or add visual appeal. Some homeowners invest in upgrades to increase their home’s value before listing it for sale, while others remodel and redecorate to ensure their home suits their needs and wants.


In 2017, homeowners in the U.S. who invested in home improvements averaged between $5,693 and $7,524. Although home upgrades can be expensive, some homeowners can offset the costs by doing the labor themselves when possible. Whether you’re planning to sell or want to improve the look and feel of your home, there are several complex and straightforward ways you can change your space, including the options featured here.

Install new windows.


The experts at Madcity Windows can help you improve your home’s appearance and save money on your energy bills by installing new windows. Energy-efficient windows keep the cold air out during the winter, enabling your home’s furnace to operate more efficiently and preventing drafts. You can also install new windows to change the look of your home. A bay or picture window can add visual interest to rooms, and garden windows offer the perfect way to grow herbs in your kitchen window. You’ll need window installation experts, like those at Mad City, to remove your old windows and install replacement windows, but you can recoup your investment in energy savings.

Add houseplants.



You can have beautiful house plants delivered right to your door and use them to transform any space in your home. Popular indoor plants include peacock plants, snake plants, flamingo flowers, succulents, and spider plants. New plants can add visual appeal to any room, and they also have health benefits. House plants produce oxygen. Breathing fresh air can help you sleep at night and lower your anxiety levels. Adding greenery to your home office can even help you be more productive. Houseplants are the perfect addition to a space to ensure your home looks excellent while boosting your mood.

Renovate your kitchen.



The kitchen is one of the essential rooms in any home, and outdated kitchens can deter buyers. You may also find it hard to function in a small kitchen that lacks the features you need. It’s possible to update a kitchen with simple changes, such as refinishing kitchen cabinets, replacing the hardware, installing a new faucet, and painting the walls. Brightening the space can make your kitchen look and feel bigger, even if you haven’t added any space to the room. You can also invest in more significant home improvements by tearing down walls, installing a kitchen island, and replacing kitchen cabinets and appliances.

Paint your front door.



Your front door is one of the first things people notice about your home. A dingy door that blends into the home’s siding won’t stand out or draw interest. Painting your door is an affordable way of ensuring your home’s front door stands out. Homeowners planning to list their house benefit from painting their front door an intense color, such as teal or red, because they must entice potential buyers to enter their home if they’re going to sell it. Some buyers might skip over an unwelcoming home with no visual appeal. Distinct door colors also offer an explicit visual identifier to use when giving people directions to your home.

Update your bathroom.



Renovating your bathroom can be a complex project, but it will pay off. Whether you opt to add a new tub surround or convert a bath to a shower, updating your space will improve how your bath feels and functions. Major renovation projects could include replacing the floor with new tile, adding a shower, replacing the vanity, and adding lighting. Bathroom investments pay off by increasing your home’s resale value, making this an excellent choice if you’re planning to put your house on the market.

Invest in landscaping.



Add a greenhouse where you can grow fruits and vegetables or add annuals and perennials to your yard. Pops of color interspersed in the greenery add visual interest and can highlight your home’s features. Landscaping is an effective way to add curb appeal to your home. You can also transform your outdoor spaces with shrubs, ferns, and patio plants in pots.


Home improvements can be costly, time-consuming projects that significantly alter rooms in your home. You can also make improvements with minor changes, such as repainting your front door and adding low-maintenance houseplants. Renovating and updating your home can increase your satisfaction with your home and boost your property’s value.