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H&G Show 2024 After Jan 1
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Membership is just $295 per year!

2nd Floor Hall:
Member: Non-Member:
10x10 Booth $1300 $1700
10x20 Booth $2200 $2600
10x20 Corner $2400 $2800
20x20 End Cap $4500 $5000
Highland Exhibits: (VOLUME/BULK Exhibits)
10x10 Booth $1000 $1400
10x20 Booth $1800 $2200
10x20 End Cap $2000 $2400
Galleria Exhibits:
8x8 Booth $750 $995
8x16 Booth $1400 $1800
8x16 End Cap $1600 $1995
Winery/Distillery/Brewery/Food Sampling
Spaces available! Please call for details and pricing!
Large items? Exceptionally large space requirements? CALL FOR PRICING!
  • Listing on website for on full year
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • 8’ Draped Backdrop w/ 32” sides
  • One Skirted Table
  • One 7” x 44” ID Sign
  • One 120 Volt 20 Amp Outlet
  • Exhibitor Admission Passes
  • General Admission Passes

Booth space can be reviewed at the Second Floor Exhibit Hall or Galleria Exhibit Level maps.
For Bulk Space exhibits contact us - 585-272-8222, info@findthehomepros.com.

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Terms and Conditions
Home & Garden Show terms and conditions are available here https://findthehomepros.com/hgtermsconditions/

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Available payment options

Please read the details of each option and make your payment choice.

Option 1-> PAYMENT PLAN OPTION  -  Not Available after September 1st.

Option 2 -> 50% deposit  - NOT Available after January 1

Option 3-> Payment in Full – This is the only option if reserving after January 1st, 2024.

Full payment will be made with this form.

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