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Become A Member Today

As a member you’ll save far more than the cost of your dues with a long list of useful members benefits.

RHBA Membership


  • Includes membership to four organizations
  • Benefits & services at local, state and national levels
  • Opportunities for education, training and industry information

RHBA Membership Details

Rochester Home Builders’ Association (RHBA) membership includes industry representation at the local, state and national levels. Your annual dues investment includes membership to the New York State Builders Association, National Association of Home Builders and Upstate Building Industry Alliance. Over more than 80 years the RHBA has developed a local reputation as the industry professionals. The association offers members the opportunity for continued professional development and access to information critical to their businesses. The RHBA also has reach far out into the community with its charitable contributions year after year.

UBIA Membership


  • The sister organization of the Rochester Home Builders’ Association
  • Same great local benefits and resources
  • An alliance of industry professionals in every aspect of the business

UBIA Membership Details

The Upstate Building Industry Alliance (UBIA) is the ‘sister’ organization to the RHBA. The UBIA was created to fill a need for smaller business (those with less than 10 employees) and those businesses that work in the industry but do less than 20% of their business in new construction. Now these businesses have a place alongside the RHBA members to fill their business needs including industry information, education and training opportunities and networking with peers to keep abreast of the ever developing construction spectrum.

It’s easy to get started just fill out the form ->

To become a member:

  • Proof of Worker’s Comp insurance
  • Proof of General Liability Insurance
  • DBA or Fed ID # filed
  • Three business references (please list at least one member reference when possible)
  • No unresolved judgments (per County Clerk’s Office)
  • Agree to Construction Performance Guidelines

To remain a member:

  • Attend two education/training programs annually (Select from a list of at least 4 choices)
  • Attend one general membership meeting annually
  • Display Membership logo on website with link
  • Proof of Worker’s Compensation and General Liability Insurance renewals annually

Construction Performance Guidelines

Please call 585-272-8222 for a copy of the guidelines.

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RHBA Membership per year is $650 / year
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UBIA Membership per year is $295 / year
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