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Owning a home is a marvelous thing, but it can also be a huge responsibility. As years pass, every part of your home will require some form of maintenance or even replacing in order to keep your home safe, stable, and intact. But it’s easy to forget that your home’s crawlspace is a part of that as well. It’s not just an empty space meant to house your HVAC system or other mechanical equipment. It’s also not just a space to keep your home elevated from the soil. What happens in your crawlspace can affect the rest of your home, changing the quality of your indoor air and how comfortable your home feels.

Maybe you’ve noticed an increase in humidity in your home, or perhaps the air in your home seems to carry a musty smell to it. Either of these are just two of the common signs that your crawlspace is having problems. But whether you discover mold in your crawlspace, a sagging crawlspace floor joist, or groundwater seeping in and turning your crawlspace into a swamp, it’s important that you entrust its repair to a reputable crawlspace professional.

Let’s have a closer look at how to make sure that your crawlspace is being taken care of by a crawl space encapsulation service that you can rely on. This will help make sure that your money is well spent, and your peace of mind is restored.


How Experienced is the Contractor?

It is important to make sure that the crawlspace contractor you choose is experienced in their work. Experience can help in the development of solutions that a new contractor might not think of. What’s more, an experienced contractor likely knows how to ensure that their work is completed in a satisfactory manner. Search for a crawlspace company that preferably has decades of experience.


Does the Crawlspace Contractor Have Reviews? A BBB Rating?

When looking for a crawlspace contractor, it is essential that they have many good reviews to show for their quality of work. Pay close attention to the reviews and see what specifically appealed to customers. This will help you determine whether a contractor does an effective job and how much they invest in providing good customer care. A positive Better Business Bureau rating can also help give you a better measure of a crawlspace company’s performance and customer service quality.


Is the Crawlspace Contractor Licensed and Insured?

Choosing a crawlspace contractor that’s licensed and insured can help protect you in the case that their crawlspace repairs don’t turn out right. Being licensed means that the contractor has gone through the necessary steps to be state licensed—this indicates that they meet a certain standard and improves the chances of a job well done. Meanwhile, being insured means that the contractor has protection against the risks of construction work such as accidents.


Do They Offer a Free Inspection and Estimate?

A free inspection and price estimate is a sign of a contractor’s confidence in their work. You should be able to have a free inspection and estimate, not just to get a sense of your crawlspace, but also so that you can compare contractors if you decide to. Getting a detailed estimate will also help protect you and your wallet from surprises. It is always best to have a solid idea regarding the scope of work.


How Well Does the Contractor Answer Your Questions and Explain Their Solution?

During an inspection of your crawlspace, the potential contractor should be able to answer your concerns and explain how their proposed solutions will help. This is more than just for your peace of mind—it also shows how knowledgeable the contractor is and if their proposed solutions have your best interests in mind.


How Strong is the Crawlspace Contractor’s Warranty?

Many contractors may offer a warranty, but they may only be for a year or two. Even for contractors that say they offer a lifetime warranty, if their company hasn’t been around for a long time, how reliable is it really?

It is good to find a contractor that offers a lifetime warranty or a life-of-structure warranty. But you’ll want to double-check on the crawlspace company’s longevity—have they been in business long enough to reliably make good on that lifetime warranty? Ask yourself these questions as you investigate into every crawlspace contractor.


Protect Your Crawlspace with an Experienced Company

While there are a fair number of boxes to check when researching for the right crawlspace contractor, each of these points will help your chances of finding a crawlspace expert who will treat your crawlspace with the care that your home deserves.