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If you are in the real estate sector and you know full well what buyers want, you are probably doing your utmost to create the best show home for your clients. A show home serves an invaluable purpose: it allows buyers to see a property’s potential as their own home, and it may even inspire them to decorate or design their future home in the same way. With the right show home, buyers can more easily visualise themselves in that home. All show homes will feature excellent coordination and balance along with luxurious and comfy furnishings and the most modern appliances. But what else should you keep in mind if you aim to create the best show home look ever? Well, whilst neutral walls will always be strongly recommended by the experts, there are more than a few other elements that can help you along. Here are some top tips you should remember.


  • The basics of showhome interior design are to have walls in neutral colours, but with one or two walls in a brighter colour to serve as feature walls, be it in the bedroom/s, kitchen, living area, or dining room. To strengthen the impact of the feature wall, choose the same colour as a theme throughout the home and echo it in other elements such as the artwork, bed linen, or cushions.
  • If your show home has an open plan living area, you can make the space look more appealing with floor lamps placed strategically in the corners and lush house plants that soften the space and make it look warmer.
  • Focus on coordinating colours, creating balance, and developing a harmonious and smooth flow from one room to another. Every room or space should have its very own ‘wow factor,’ whether it’s an awesome lighting fixture such as a chandelier or a print in a frame. So it’s best to focus on creating a thin connective ‘thread’ from space to space.
  • Wallpaper can make a significant impact. If you add wallpaper on a room’s feature wall, it can instantly add warmth and depth and that memorable ‘wow factor’ that makes the room look striking – even in the middle of the afternoon.
  • It’s a good idea to establish a specific focal point for every room. This focal point should be eye-catching and draw attention, such as a mirror, artwork, cushions, a light fixture, and so on. It would be better if it were something that buyers wouldn’t expect – something out of the ordinary. For instance, you can have a rug in bright colours in a room with a neutral theme or even wallpaper on the ceiling. These elements can add a lot of character to a room, and it exhibits true style.
  • Think about curtains. Curtains can also draw the eye, and they can enhance an entire interior theme. The best types of curtains would be wall-to-wall, and floor to ceiling and these kinds of curtains can even make the space appear taller and wider, which is great for small rooms or areas.
  • Lastly, don’t forget that the design of your show home isn’t always visual. It could be about creating a much more memorable and lasting impression with the right scents and textures as well.