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If you’re working with concrete flooring for your residential or commercial space, then you should definitely consider concrete staining. This simple technique can help enhance your flooring effectively. To help you get going with the wonders of concrete straining, we’ll share some tips and tricks from our stained concrete experts.


What is concrete staining and are there different types?

But first off: what really is concrete staining?

Concrete staining is a technique that makes use of a liquid that penetrates to your concrete flooring to enhance its looks. There are different types of concrete staining liquids but two of the more preferred ones are water-based stains and acid stains.

Water-based stains penetrate into the concrete through the pores and actually bonds with your concrete flooring. Water-based concrete stains have been preferred over the common film-forming concrete stains as the latter is known to be fade, flake, and peel over time. Moreover, water-based stains come in a wide array of tints and shades, allowing you to achieve one of a virtually limitless assortments of concrete flooring looks.

Meanwhile, acid stains allow you to go for a more natural marble look by chemically reacting to your concrete. While this can certainly make your concrete flooring a visual delight, acid stains are generally a bit more costly, and would require a bit more experience to pull off properly and safely.


How do I get concrete staining done?

If you have decided to go for concrete staining, here are ways on how you can get it done so you can come up with a beautiful concrete flooring:


1. Choose your concrete stain

Of course the first step involves you making that big decision whether to go for one of the two preferred types of concrete stains, or if you would opt to choose a traditional film-forming stain. You should also decide on what tint you’ll get. Make sure to relay your vision for your space, and try to provide a visual of the other elements of your space so that we may recommend what concrete stain look would fit your space best.


2. Prepare your concrete flooring

Once you have finalized your choice of concrete stain, the next step is to prepare your concrete flooring. Make sure that you clean your flooring thoroughly. If you have chosen water-based or other penetrating concrete stains, make sure that your flooring is porous enough to receive the stain you’ll introduce.


3. Follow the stain-specific application procedure

Each type of stain would have specific application techniques. Water-based stains and other penetrating stains would require you to make additional preparations using a cleaner, etcher, and degreaser to ensure optimal results. Once your flooring is dry, you may apply the stain using a sprayer, roller, or brush.

Meanwhile, acid stains would need you to clean the flooring without any chemicals as doing otherwise may cause your stain to react differently, arriving at results that may be different than what you envisioned. So make sure that your flooring is free from chemicals. Then, using a garden sprayer, apply your acid stain in a circular motion, making sure not to puddle in certain areas as this may cause the ending stain to be darker there.

While these procedures may seem easy enough to be done on your own, it would always be best to get the services of experts to help you achieve the aesthetic you are going for, and preventing costly mishaps with your concrete flooring.


Is there any other benefit to concrete staining?

If you’re still not decided whether concrete staining is for you, then you should also know that there are other advantages to it. Aside from elevating the looks of your flooring, concrete staining can also help it become more resistant to moisture, dust, dirt, and accidental stains. And this makes it a lot easier to clean your concrete flooring in the long run.

A beautiful, easy-to-maintain concrete flooring can make all the difference in your space so give concrete staining a chance to level-up your concrete flooring. If you need more information, our experts can definitely help you out. Whatever your vision for your concrete flooring is, whether that be concrete staining or something else, let us help turn your dream into a reality.