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A toilet is arguably the most important plumbing component in your house, and the water closet is complex equipment meant to stand the test of time. Toilets are often long-term fixtures, and nobody expects to have to change their toilet once every three months.


However, if you wish to use it for a long period, it is also important to ensure that your toilet is installed correctly. The best way to proceed is to hire a professional to install it for you.


When you enlist the services of a plumbing company specializing in toilet installation services, you can rest assured that your toilet will be installed safely and professionally, without causing any damage to your floor or walls.


However, if the toilet isn’t installed properly, it may lead to several issues later down the line. Here are some toilet issues that a professional can help you deal with.


1. Clogged toilet

When you try to flush something, but it does not go down, it could be because of any blockage or clog in the toilet. There could be anything stuck in the pipeline that might be blocking the flow of water and other particles.


While using a plunger is the ideal way to deal with a clogged toilet, if the toilet gets clogged often, it might be an issue with the fitting of the toilet, or some deeper issue that you cannot easily see.


So, if you experience clogging issues repeatedly, you may want to call a professional to examine your toilet and pipes.


2. Leaky toilet

If you notice water gushing out from the base of your toilet whenever you flush it, you are most likely dealing with a leak.


In such cases, it’s always advisable to call a professional to examine the issue. They will be able to locate the source of the leak and take the required action. At times, it may be a simple repair, but at other times, they may need to replace the wax rings to stop the leak.


Remember, you must call the plumber as soon as you notice the problem, or else it could damage your flooring and might even cause water to seep into the roof below your toilet. This can cause severe structural damage, and will be more expensive to fix.


3. If the toilet stinks even after cleaning

If your toilet stinks, no matter how much you clean it, it could be because of mold or bacteria inside the toilet. Especially if the toilet has not been used in a while, you might notice that the smell becomes quite prevalent. If it is an issue of bacteria or mold, you can use bleach and cleaners to eliminate the smell.


However, if the issue persists, you must call a plumber to find out the problem and fix it. It could be a venting problem or even a leak in your sewer line.


4. Unstable toilet

An unstable toilet is a sign of improper fitting and a faulty wax ring. Due to the instability of the toilet, it can cause leaks, and it might even cause the porcelain to break from the base. Besides, it is unsafe to use a toilet rocking from the base.


A plumber will re-fix the toilet and tighten all the caps or bolts properly to make the toilet stable.



These are some issues you will encounter with your toilet, and you must call a plumber to fix these issues from the root. Such problems can frequently arise if you install the toilet yourself, so it is best to contact a plumber that offers toilet installation services. Having your toilet installed by a professional is the best way to ensure you don’t have to deal with constant leaks, clogging, and repairs later down the road.