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Are your bedroom cupboards bursting at the seams? Constantly struggling to find a place for your items? This article will bring you a much needed design solution to your storage troubles.


If there is one thing we can agree on, it’s that the perfect storage system can make all the difference when it comes to bedroom functionality and appeal. Without sufficient storage space, we’re constantly overwhelmed and frustrated. It is essential to have a dedicated area for clothing, books, linen and more in our bedroom.


Since no two bedrooms are ever the same, chic bedroom storage ideas must be practical and versatile. The following 3 design trends can be applied in small or grand bedrooms because they are centered around something every bedroom has: the bed.


Insider Tip: Establish Zones


This is the concept of creating specific zones for different activities, such as relaxing, watching TV or reading. This process can also be applied to storage areas, ensuring that the design of the bedroom furniture and layout leaves ample space for drawers or a closet.


Let’s take a look at some of the top chic storage trends of 2021.


#1 Wall-Mounted Folding Bed

Multifunctional wall beds are an ingenious idea when it comes to space saving and storage. The design allows the bed frame to fold back to the wall or back inside the fitted wardrobe. The fitted wardrobe can be custom-built to feature additional shelving on either side, or a closet providing a 2-in-1 system for any bedroom. The wall-mounted bed was known as a Murphy Bed back in the 1920s, and is now considered to be on-trend, modern and classy.


“Isn’t it amazing how certain designs come back into style? The Murphy Bed was much less glamorous back in the day, but now it’s trend chic” – Vurni


  • The wall-mount bed offers a space saving solution without a full bedroom refit.
  • Great for a home office or guest bedroom.
  • Provides additional storage around the bed as needed.
  • Practical, modern and appealing.


#2 Under-Bed Storage Drawers

Under-bed storage drawers are a clever and discreet way to conceal your belongings in an area that would typically go unused. The area under your bed doesn’t need to collect dust. Instead, fit it out with a chic storage design that provides the perfect place to keep extra linen, books and towels.


Under-bed storage is perfect for tiny living spaces and bedrooms within apartments and condominiums, and makes a great idea for the kids’ bedroom.


  • A single bunk bed (loft bed) that features a space underneath is the ideal location for additional storage, a desk or shelving.
  • Purchase a customised bed frame with built in drawers.
  • Try a set of rolling under-bed storage boxes (drawers on wheels).
  • Consider a storage bed where you can lift the mattress and frame and use the underneath section as storage.
  • Decorative open-shelf storage can be custom built under the frame and filled with baskets or containers.


#3: Headboard Storage Shelving

The headboard is a stand-out feature of any bedroom, but with a few clever adjustments it can also be a chic storage solution. The space around the headboard can connect from one side across the top to the other and blend seamlessly with your bedside tables or bed frame.


  • Try a headboard with the storage and shelving behind the headboard.
  • Headboards with built-in shelving make the perfect place for books, magazines, a bedside lamp, alarm clock without taking away the additional living area in the bedroom.
  • Headboard storage is easy to reach and helps to keep personal items organised.
  • A storage headboard is an affordable solution with a wide variety of different styles and sizes available.


Final Thoughts

Upgrading your bedroom storage is the best way to breathe new life into a tired space, clean up for the next season, and feel refreshed without high renovation costs. By integrating your storage needs into a zone that is already designated by the bed, such as the ideas listed above, you can reduce your need to add a large wardrobe.


Find a reliable company offering an uber chic bedroom range if you’re looking for your furnishings to fit within the same style or color-coordinate. Make your bed the focus point of your chic bedroom design with a variety of storage solutions.