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When you adopt a pet, they become part of the family. They roam around your home and sit on your furniture. The downside is that when you have an animal, they can impact the air quality within your home. However, when you pick the right filter, it can remove the dander, fur, and odors from the air to ensure your home is safe and healthy.


What Is Dander?

Pet dander is comprised of tiny particles of skin that animals with fur shed, such as cats and dogs. As the climate changes and gets hotter, dogs and cats usually shed more. When that happens, their dander is released into the air. People with allergies to animals will notice it’s much worse during the hotter months.


Why Do Pets Cause Issues?

When you bring a pet into your home, you need to consider how often should you should change the filters. How many pets do you plan to have? How long is their fur, and how big is the animal? Once you have the answers, you can understand how often you need to replace the filters.

When you own multiple animals with long fur, you need to change filters more often than the recommended 90 days. This is because they bring dirt, dander, bacteria, and other particles into the home. If you only have one pet living in your home, you can more or less stick to the manufacturer’s guide.


How Does a Carrier Filter Help Against Allergies

Carrier air filters are an excellent way to keep pet allergens out of the air. Carrier is a renowned brand known for its durability. When you choose the correct size from FilterKing’s selection of Carrier filters, you can ensure that you lower the number of particles released into the air that can trigger allergies.

Types of Filters
To ensure you are keeping dander and fur at bay, you need to consider the type and quality of the filter you purchase.

Fiberglass Filters
Fiberglass filters are usually on the cheaper side. However, the downfall is that they need to be changed every 30 days. They are typically one inch thick, and they provide little filtration compared to better quality options.

Pleated Filters
Pleated filters are available in many different sizes, and since they generally come with a four-inch thickness, their protection is far greater. They can also last for up to three months. Keep in mind, the number of pets and occupants in the home could reduce that lifespan.

Washable Filters
Washable filters are excellent for keeping our planet green. They can last for years. However, you must ensure you give them a good clean each month or every two. They must be fully dry before returning to the HVAC system.


MERV Rating

The MERV rating is the first thing you should consider when buying a filter with pets at home. The MERV lets you know how effective your filter is at removing particles from the air.

If you have a pet in your home, the minimum MERV you should go for is an eight and the highest is 13. A MERV higher than eight will ensure that the dander is removed from your home. As you go higher, the filtration is better. However, using a MERV higher than 13 isn’t advisable because you can end up with airflow issues. A MERV 13 will remove around 95% of large particles.


Summing Up

Carrier filters have a range of options that can benefit pet owners. You can ensure you’re doing all you can to keep the dander at bay.