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Both new and old, homeowners are familiar with the burden of having attractive homes with functional yet comfortable interior spaces. Whether you’re planning to decorate your new house or revamp your old space, the process is never easy. But not impossible!


It’s common to feel uncertain when deciding every detail of your home interior, especially with all the different options you have. You’ll often wonder how to make it appear as good as possible while incorporating your style and personality into it.  Worry not! With proper planning and some simple steps to follow, you’ll surely succeed in getting the look you want for your home. Here are a few to get you started.


Clever Use of Reflective Materials


This tip is particularly effective for smaller spaces. The smart installation and use of mirrors provide the illusion that an area is bigger than it seems. Take it up a notch by using white lacquered walls matched with colored glossy tiles. At times, mirrored surfaces will enhance certain spaces. With the combination of high-shine materials, the reflective effect is achieved, making the space airer and roomier. Glossed tiles come in a variety of colors and designs as well, giving you more options aesthetic-wise.


Remedy Dull Walls


Don’t be afraid to splash your walls with some color. Just be sure that it stays cohesive to the general theme you’ve decided for the whole house. It works even better if only certain surfaces have colorful paint while others remain neutral.


Wall decoratives add life and create impact. Use signature pieces to create a unique focal point and complementary accessories that supply character to an otherwise bare wall. Whatever purpose you have for decoratives, you’ll never run out of options. For a more personal touch, a montage of photos or original artworks will work best. A unique wall ornament that reflects your preferences is a better choice if you’re going for effect.


Consider Using Greenery

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Ornamental plants are the rage these days, and for a good reason! Not only are these dainty pots easy on the eyes, but they also provide a fresher appeal to any space. Plants can be a source of comfort and help in achieving a more relaxed atmosphere. If adding greenery is part of your interior design plans, you should consider the specific species to use and where you will place them.


Plan for Cozy Areas


Won’t it be a good thing to have more than one place in the house where you can laze around? Remember that homes are, first and foremost, built for comfort. Take advantage of architectural quirks in the building or make use of seemingly plain corners. Make it cozier by tastefully adding area rugs or bespoke furniture you can fill with cushions, soft pillows, and even a personalized blanket.


Low-Budget Textile, High-quality Space

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Changing up your curtains, throw pillow covers, and linens can vastly improve the overall look of your space minus the cost and the commitment that usually comes with painted walls or elaborate window treatments. It’s also easy to switch it up whenever necessary.


There are different fabric types and styles, giving you the freedom to choose according to your personality or aesthetic taste. This primarily works for bedrooms, where the bed is the focal point. Opt for beddings that suit your style and comfort. This also applies to bathroom linens, such as bath and hand towels.


Have Fun with Wallpapers


You can’t achieve bolder surfaces with more character unless you use patterned wallpapers. Choose between elegant and classy styles to quirky and playful ones. Some homeowners use wallpapers for a daintier feel on their walls. And instead of wallpapering an entire area (like most people from the bygone eras did), newer design trends tell you to only apply it on one or two surfaces on certain parts of the home, such as the bathroom or your bedroom.


A Pop of Color for Your Doors

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If accent walls feel too much, why not try “accent doors” instead? Make your front door or your interior doors stand out by painting it with a different shade. This is also one of the trends currently gaining popularity because it makes a unit distinguishable.


Before you start painting your front door, check in with your HOA first. If there are restrictions placed in your area, try painting your interior doors instead.


Bespoke Storage


Paying attention to custom-made furniture is a good thing. But what makes life ultimately better is customizing your storage space. Your storage area needs an entirely different plan of its own. Properly planning the layout of your shelves, compartments, and drawers helps save space and creates more room for storing items to avoid clutter.


The interior design needs to cater to how you live and how your day flows—not the other way around. The layout and the little details will follow once you’re sure of what purpose each space will serve. Research on the different materials you can use won’t hurt as well. Go as detailed as possible, and don’t be scared to make bold choices if that’s what you want.


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