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Technological innovations have made people’s lives more convenient since time immemorial. Now that most of us are used to using technology in almost everything we do, it’s hard to imagine life without it. From communication devices to house automation to innovative buildings, there’s nothing technology can’t do to make the world a better place. However, there’s only one downside to this: the more technology we use, the more energy we exhaust.

When we consume more energy, it’s only normal that we pay more bills. But with how the inflation rate in each country continues to increase, it’s high time we utilize ways to save energy so we can also save a whole lot on our bills. Lesser bills, more money!

A typical family in the US spends approximately $2060 for utility bills per year, and that’s only the regular-sized families, what about the bigger families? Imagine how much they would save on bills if they start saving energy.

Families spend more on utility bills during summer since the children are at home because there is no school, so it’s highly likely for them to consume more energy compared to months when there is school. Looking into energy-saving tips during summer may help, but applying these tips, in the long run, could be the permanent solution to saving energy. Now the question is, how do we save energy at home?

Home automation has been popular recently, especially with the onslaught of the Covid-19 pandemic last 2 years ago. It’s where you get automatic control over some household devices and appliances. The electronic cleaning and home you probably have watched from popular social media sites are only some of the best innovations for home automation during the pandemic. What’s more, is that it opens your home to new possibilities. If you are interested to save energy, then here are ways you can save some by doing home automation:



1.  Prevent costly repairs by getting smart water leak detectors


Yes, you read that right. Smart water leak detectors are now a thing!

Water leaks alone can cost you a lot on water bills, while frozen pipes and water leaks can lead to more costly repairs and cleanup, and this is something we want to avoid if we want to save money. By installing smart water leak detectors at home, you can monitor real-time if you get any leaks at home, so you can already take preventive actions before those water leaks get costly to repair.

Another benefit you’ll get from a smart water leak detector is that it will also help you avoid getting frozen pipes, and these nasty things are so expensive to repair!



2.  Forget about forgetting turning off a switch with Smart plugs


When we’re always in a hurry, we sometimes forget to turn off a switch, say, for instance, electric fans, air conditioners, hair straighteners, speakers, charging devices, and television. We often forget to turn the switch completely off, and this is something that we need to manage, which is why smart plugs come in handy.

Smart plugs play a convenient role mostly for people who are always on the go. These are also the most affordable way to start using smart home devices. Any wired home devices and appliances can be turned on/off remotely with just one click or voice command. Smart plug applications also have a scheduling feature, which is very handy at times when you want to save money on your utility bills.

By using the scheduling feature, you can schedule when you will turn off the air conditioner or the lights, so you won’t have to worry about forgetting to turn such appliances off when say, for example, you overslept.



3.  Install Smart Lights


Smart lights also provide almost the same concept as a smart plug, the only difference is that it’s the only lighting. By installing smart lights, you can use the application to turn on/off the lights at your home remotely. So if leaving the lights on is something you cannot avoid doing, then smart lights might be the answer to fix your habit!



4.  Smart Thermostats


Smart thermostats can automatically adjust the temperature at home, depending on your patterns of behavior when you’re at home. For instance, when the weather is cold and you’re at home, the smart thermostat will increase the heat or the degrees of your air conditioner. It also studies the pattern of when you usually increase and decrease the temperature, so it does it automatically for you.

Some smart thermostats even have motion censors for optimal performance. It adjusts the temperature at your home depending if someone’s at home or not.



5.  Smart Appliances


When we get our own house, we also get this tendency to remodel it now and then even when the house is still perfectly fine. But why do we invest so much time, effort, and money in remodeling our homes? And why do we need to automate our houses when we’ve been fine for years without them?

You might think the more technologically advanced an appliance is, the more it will cost energy. It actually does the opposite because it will help you save more with its automation features. A great benefit it will give you is that it can reduce energy usage.

A smart home appliance will automatically turn off once you are done using it, or when no one is using it for a specific number of minutes. This way, you will not forget to turn off an appliance whenever you have sudden urgent matters to attend to.



6.  Install a Smart Sprinkler System


Again, one way to save energy is by saving water. If you want to maximize the benefit you’ll get from a smart home ecosystem, you need to install the basics little by little, and a smart sprinkler system is also a way to go.

Having a smart sprinkler system will also help you keep your landscape healthy and maintain your yard more efficiently.




Remember, bills are getting higher as we get older, so if you want to start saving up money then start saving energy! What’s also good about home automation is that aside from saving energy, you get to provide a more convenient home for your family and friends.