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It’s estimated that around 790 million people globally don’t have access to clean water. To put it into another perspective, 11% of the world’s population can’t afford or don’t have access to one of the basic necessities to sustain life.

With that said, a functioning plumbing system, then, is a luxury that many Americans and the majority of civilization take for granted. In fact, those who are used to clean water already expect water, both cold and hot, to flow through their pipes. Thus, one way to acknowledge the importance of water is to ensure that the plumbing system is functional.

To ensure your plumbing system is always functional, you need to keep it in top condition in the first place. One of the signs that your system is about to malfunction is unclean and clogging pipes. So, to avoid the hefty cost and hassle brought about by a damaged plumbing system, keep these signs that you need a plumber for a comprehensive drain cleaning in mind.

1. Slow-moving drain

One of the major signs that your drains are about to clog is when water is already trickling down through the pipe. Usually, a slow-moving drain happens in your bathtubs and sinks. Both bathtubs and sinks are susceptible to soap, hair, and grease, all of which, when accumulated in the pipes, will slow the draining process.

Thus, the moment that you notice water takes time to pass through the drain, call a professional plumber immediately.


2. Multiple clogs

If you ignore the signs above, it’s imminent that two or more of your drains will now work slowly. Take note that the problem may not be caused by individual drains. But there’s a chance that your main sewer drain is clogged.

When your main sewer drain is clogged, it can do serious damage to your plumbing system. Also, if you’re experiencing this situation, you may not have the necessary skills to DIY the solution. Thus, the moment that your bathtubs, sinks, or toilets all start to clog, have them checked, as well as your main sewer, by a professional plumbing company, like the one in this video. https://www.youtube.com/embed/OojvJuCzzg4


3. Unpleasant smell

Constant exposure to unpleasant smells may lead to health effects –– ranging from mild to serious symptoms. Although there can be plenty of reasons there’s a lingering unpleasant odor in your home, it’s highly likely that it’s due to a plumbing issue, particularly if the smell can be associated with sewage or rotten eggs.

Any unpleasant smell that’s caused by your plumbing system is either because of sewer gases rotting your pipes or decomposing waste. Same as multiple clogs, eliminating foul odors due to your sewer system should only be handled by a professional draining company.


4. Gurgling Noises

Generally, a plumbing system should function and operate quietly. Of course, the sound of running water, liquid circling the drain, and the gurgling noise from a toilet is expected. However, hearing bubbling or gurgling noises coming from the shower, toilet, or sink is a cause for concern.

These sounds indicate that there’s air in places where there shouldn’t be, specifically in your pipes. Air trapped in the pipes is often due to the development of clogs –– the gurgling is generated from pockets of air that are released from the clog into the water.

Additionally, gurgling noises can also be caused by blocked air vents. Naturally, vents help sewer gas escape from your pipes, allowing your home to enjoy fresh and nice air. When the vents are blocked by debris, leaves, or even birds’ nests, the gas will take another path, which is commonly through your drains.

As gurgling noises can eventually ruin your pipes, it’s best to have a professional conduct a comprehensive drain cleaning the moment you hear this noise.


Final Words

Keep in mind that the most inconvenient situations always happen during inopportune times. In this case, if you ignore the signs that your drain needs comprehensive cleaning, like the ones mentioned above, you may have to face the consequences.

For one, clogs or any underlying issue will be 10 times harder to mitigate. Additionally, your house will now be susceptible to flooding and unpleasant smells, which can cause the neighbors to complain and bring health issues to your entire household.

Moreover, any plumbing issue can be nasty, especially sewage backup. Solving the problem itself, then, will only pose a health hazard to you. So, if you have a clogged toilet, bathtub, or sink or have experienced any of the signs mentioned above, immediately call a reliable plumbing company.