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For most people building a new home is a huge task with many individual components with a high level of risk of error. Here are some mistakes you can easily avoid when building your dream home so you are saved from regret or financial loss later down the line.


1.  The Wrong Location

Location and the building site are of utmost importance when building a home. Not only does the location determine what you can do design-wise but also what the home will be worth once you are finished building it. Real estate agents are always talking about the ‘right neighborhood’ so when you choose the wrong building site, you will be losing money once the build has been completed.

Furthermore, if you are building a custom luxury home, then there will be all manner of design additions which you may need permission from the municipal organization for such as whether or not you can build a fence or a third story.


2.  Hiring A Contractor Haphazardly

A contractor is the single most vital person in a home build. If you choose someone without conducting the proper research and without at least one in-depth interview, it creates a lot of problems down the road. A contractor chosen without a proper analysis of his credentials and expertise may be deficient in the proper work ethic or may not be experienced enough to create the style you have envisioned for your home.

Conduct a thorough search of testimonials, past client experiences, and the portfolio of past work. Make sure the contractor has a personality you can develop a rapport with as you will be communicating with him/her on a daily basis and will also need to meet frequently. If the contractor is hard to understand or does not adhere to your vision regarding your home, you will have a very challenging building period with needless additional stress.

Bear in mind that seasoned contractors are also responsible for procuring and hiring other professionals to work on different areas of your home such as finding a commercial roofer for your roofing requirements. Most contractors for this reason usually have a network of professionals and experts they refer to.


3.  The Realm Of Reality

For most people their new homes or custom homes are very much a passion project. They might want a home theatre, a painting room, a pool, a room for billiards and so forth and may simply discount daily practical factors that will influence their lives. When working with your designer, make sure you work from practical to dream designs so that your daily life is not disrupted and you can still enjoy the benefits of a custom home design that allows you leisure and entertainment not possible in a rental or an apartment.

The budget plays a role in design as well as some first-time homeowners can get very ambitious during the planning stage and the realities of bringing that vision to fruition can be very different. A homeowner should make allowance for the fact that certain design elements may need to be adjusted due to financial concerns or because they are not feasible given the climate etc. Always conduct the same amount of research for your architect and designer as you do for your contractor as their work ethic and talents will influence the end result greatly.

4.  The Devil In The Details

Many first-time homeowners may choose materials that are grand or beautiful but either break or stain very quickly or may simply cost too much of a fortune when accounting for import duties and other taxation. Luxury materials like marble, granite or even certain types of shale are aesthetically wonderful to look at, but can be a nightmare to maintain a few years from now. Furthermore, the budget you are working with may be decided in the beginning and the cost of materials could rapidly change due to the economic situation of the country, simply making certain materials unfeasible in the amount they are needed.

Structural materials like the material used for the fireplace for example need not be too expensive even to impart an upscale vibe, but stylish interior décor additions later on can make an impact.  We spoke with shade and blinds experts in Charlotte, North Carolina who tell us that installing exterior shutters or good quality interior blinds or shades can truly add value and can amp up the overall look. Adopt a detail-oriented approach to the home design because smaller details make a huge difference once you start living in a house. If the fireplace ends up not being centered on a wall for example, it will affect the main room’s layout and will not be a fixable flaw once the build has ended.