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Stucco is some pretty amazing stuff. Sure, when speaking about protective elements on the outsides of homes and other structures today, we have a range of siding and wraps that help keep homes protected. But stucco predates all of these other methods for a very long time. It is still actually one of the most popular materials used today to create a protective barrier on the exterior of the home. Not only is stucco very protective, but it can also be beautiful, especially if it’s painted.


When it comes to stucco painting, let’s forget about all the hundreds of types of paints and finishes available on the market. What we want to speak about are the main types, or categories, of painting types. You will see exactly what we mean below.


Main Types of Painting Jobs for Stucco Walls


The Amateur Job

The first primary type of painting for stucco, if we’re speaking about main categories and not types of paint or finish, is the amateur. The pure DIY guy or girl who knuckles down and decides that they’re going to paint their stucco all by themselves. Maybe with the help of a few friends or family members, but involving no professionals. The issue here is that most lack experience. They end up buying a ton of stuff for a vast amount of money and spending a lot of time doing the job, typically only to end up using the wrong type of paint or not ensuring the stucco is sealed correctly. Unfortunately, most people who go the amateur route with painting their stucco just end up having to do it again pretty soon. It’s not a permanent solution unless done correctly, and most amateurs don’t do it correctly.


The Weekend Warrior

While the weekend warrior is still doing the job of an amateur, it typically takes a lot longer. This person is the person who works hard all week but really wants their stucco painted. So they decide that they’re going to carve out time on the weekends. They’re going to put off their sports or barbecues and other things they have planned, and they’re going to paint their stucco over the weekend. The issue here is that this could end up indefinite, and it leaves some people with permanently unfinished homes. The reason is that so many people have to put off their weekend plans for rain, emergencies, and other issues, and the job just keeps getting pushed back until it’s forgotten.

The Professional

As one might naturally expect, allowing the professionals to handle your stucco painting needs is the best type of paint job available. Now, of course, to reiterate, when it comes to different kinds of paints and finishes for your stucco exteriors, you have a ton of options available. Though if one were to break painting the stucco down into categories, you end up with three main types, and only one of which is going to offer you professional results. The pros are speedy and efficient at what they do. They’re also very experienced and have been painting stucco for decades, so they not only know how to get the job done quickly and how to leave you with an attractive finish, but they also know how to do the job the right way so that it lasts for years to come. The best part about the pros handling the situation is that by the time you buy the supplies on your own and carve out that lost time to do it yourself, you’re basically paying around the same amount of money to have it done the right way.


Stucco is some very durable stuff, which is why people still use it on millions of homes built today. Though this material alone isn’t lovely and doesn’t pop with that curb appeal so many people want. This reason is precisely why people decide to paint, and why you should definitely consider hiring a professional service to handle this task for you so that you know the job is right.