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Finding a locksmith can be a hassle. You want someone you can trust, someone who’s reliable and doesn’t rip people off for their services. There are many different locksmith companies out there, but that doesn’t mean they’re all good.

If you’re looking for the best locksmith company in your area, keep reading to find out what you should look for when it comes to determining the right company for your needs:


Hire Only a Licensed Locksmith Company

Never avoid this tip! Hiring a locksmith company that isn’t licensed can lead to trouble. You never know if the person working on your car, house, or business has the skills and knowledge to do a good job.

Licensed locksmith companies know the requirements to be licensed in your city or state. Always ask if the locksmith company you are considering hiring is licensed, and as soon the technician shows up, always ask to see a locksmith license. This ensures that you’re dealing with a qualified locksmith!


Look for A Locksmith Companies That Doesn’t Use Contract Labor

In addition to having the license, employees also must be trained in all areas of locksmithing and security. One way to tell if a locksmith company uses contract labor is by looking at their employees’ uniforms.

Contract laborers typically wear polos or t-shirts with the company’s name emblazoned on the front of them. Don’t trust a company that doesn’t have a logo or title on their employees’ clothing.


Ask if The Locksmith Company is Fully Bonded and Insured.

Any locksmith company that considers itself a professional business should be fully bonded and insured. That makes sure that you’re protected in case something goes wrong.

If they can’t afford to purchase their insurance, you probably don’t want them working on your property or vehicle. A locksmith company that covers their assets with insurance should be covered for any damage they may do during their work.


Look for a Company Who Use Branded and GPS-Monitored Vans

By using GPS technology, the company can monitor all its technicians in real-time. This ensures that you’re dealing with a professional you can trust.

In addition, when the locksmith company has branded vans or trucks that are clearly labeled with their name and phone number, you probably did hire the right locksmith company for your needs.


Check for A+ Rating with the BBB

Another way to ensure the company you want to hire is legitimate is to check for an A+ rating with the BBB. By that, you can tell that they have a history of good service and customer support.

If the company has no past problems or complaints, then that means they’re probably a good company!


Make Sure the Company Offer 24/7 Locksmith Services By Appointment.

Most of us working people typically work from 9-5. If you can’t be home during that time, you want to hire a professional locksmith company that offers round-the-clock services. There’s no reason why you should be forced to wait until business hours to get help with your lock and key needs!


Avoid Hiring Nationwide Mobile Locksmith Company

Although we live in a global economy, you should still try to hire a local locksmith company. If the company is nationwide, you don’t know where their technicians are headed or how much time they will spend on your property.

One more problem with a nationwide company can be the cost. They will often charge double or more the price of a local locksmith company. If you are looking to save money on your next service, then always hire a professional locksmith company that’s licensed and bonded in your city.


Hire a Locksmith That Part of Professional Associations

Always make sure the locksmith company you are thinking about hiring is a member of their city or state locksmithing association. That way, you know that they have the knowledge to do quality work for your job.

Not only will you get peace of mind, but many associations offer yearly training seminars that count toward the continuing education hours required to maintain your annual licenses.


Check Their Reputation Online

Before you hire a locksmith company, make sure to check out their online reputation. This can be done by simply looking them up on Yelp, Google, Facebook, and other review sites. If the company has good reviews, then it’s probably worth hiring them.


Hire Company That Offer Any Locksmith Services

Professional locksmith companies should offer a full range of services for the home, business, or car. That means they should be able to do everything from rekeying locks to car key replacement on-site.

If a locksmith company can’t do that, then you aren’t hiring a professional. The last thing you need is to deal with multiple different technicians and locksmiths for your various needs.



The best way to avoid being scammed by a locksmith company is to do your research. Check out reviews online, look for their license and bonding information on their website or social media pages, make sure they offer 24/7 services 365 days of the year, find out if they are members of any professional associations, etc. The more you can check off, the better chance you’ll have to find an A+ rated locksmith company for all your needs!