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Contributors Submission Guidelines 

Thank you for your inquiry regarding our popular Pro Tips blog. We accept guest posts for consideration. If posted, the cost is $20 if you pay through a provided Paypal link.  If you require a Paypal invoice to be sent there is an additional charge of $10 due to bookkeeping costs. 

Please note: We do not insert links into existing posts or alter existing posts since many of our posts are paid guest posts.

Send your unique and original post for consideration in a Word document and include (minimally) a feature image you have permission to use. If image credit is required it is your responsibility to notify us that photo credit must be mentioned, and provide that credit at the end of the post when sent to us. 700+ word articles are preferred.  Please do not mention brands/specific locations in text but you may embed relevant links in article text as do-follow links.  We reserve the right to refuse any requested post at any time without explanation.

We prefer articles that are in some way “home” related but will consider other topics that may be of general interest. (No gambling or casino posts are accepted at this time)  It is your responsibility to provide authentic, original work or to gain permissions if using work of others. Once an article is submitted to us, that is our indication that we have all necessary permissions to post. Note that we may refuse to post at any time without specified reason. 

Please include at least one authority link and a backlink to another Pro Tips post when possible to increase successful results.

Payment by Paypal will be required within 48 hours of posting. You will be provided with a link once your article is posted.  If you require an invoice as mentioned above, please notify us that the invoice is required when you submit the post for publishing.

We do not alter posts other than corrections –  and only if provided within the first 48 hours.  You may request to have the post taken down at any time, provided you make that request in writing with the complete title of the post in your request.

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