Keep these red flags in mind when searching for a professional home remodeler.


 Red Flags: Signs of the Un-Professional Home Remodeler

  • Doesn’t have license and insurance. All professional home remodelers should be insured and able to show their certificate proving such insurance. Although all states do not require licensing, remodelers in states requiring licenses should have it and be able to provide a copy.
  • Doesn’t write contracts. Professional home remodelers have clear contracts that outline the job, process, the cost, and helps clarify how problems will be managed. If you don’t have a contract, neither the remodeler nor the home owner are protected when something goes wrong.
  • Requires cash or payment in full before starting the job. Shady home remodelers demand cash and then run with the money. Many home owners have been stranded by paying in full up front.
  • Vastly underbids all other contractors. They may have the best price, but that doesn’t guarantee the best work. Such contractors may cut costs on quality for your home remodel, which can end up costing more when the home owner has to redo the work.
  • Cannot provide customer references. Professional home remodelers should have current references they can provide from current and past clients.
  • Poor credit. A bad credit report suggests bad business practices that could harm your remodeling project.
  • Difficulty contacting the home remodeler. Professionals have a physical office, mailing address, phone, and email. They should respond to your queries in a timely manner.

Do business with a member of the Rochester Home Builders’ Association (RHBA). Members of the RHBA choose to be a member of the only Trade Association dedicated to their industry. The RHBA offers members tools to further their professional knowledge and keep abreast of this ever changing industry.