If you think you can sell your house without doing a bit of touch up, repair and staging, think again. Imagine if you’re the homebuyer and you visit a home in its worst condition. Would you buy it? Some will, but these buyers come rarely.  Why start the process by limiting the group of buyers that will be interested?

Nowadays, homebuyers are choosy as they have a lot of options in the market. That’s why they’d rather choose a house where they can immediately live in instead of renovating it.

So if you want to sell your house quickly or raise the value of your property, then follow these tips to prepare your home before putting it out in the market:

  1. Depersonalize

As much as you love your home, it’s time to depersonalize it before posting it on a listing. Of course, if you opt to work with home-buying companies like cashfortxhousesnow.com, this won’t be necessary since they can buy your house for cash as is. Otherwise, you must remove signs of who lived in your house. Unhang and pack your photographs, medals, collections, and other personal décor items.

You’d have more chances of selling your home if the buyer can envision how they can fill the house with their own decorations or memorabilia. Only leave stuff that won’t distract or leave an impression. You can still hang a piece or painting on the wall but don’t overcrowd it. As long as the painting is of a general theme like a painting of nature or a scenery, then you won’t leave traces of personalization in your house.

  1. Repair

It would be best if you also made some repairs on areas of your house that need a fix or replacement. You must show your home at its best condition so that the buyer won’t haggle for the price or, worse, refuse to buy it altogether.

With repairs, you’re removing signs of years you’ve lived in your home. Thus, you can present your home as fresh and ‘new’, even if your house is small. This is why it’s important to remember to do the following repairs:

  • Paint – When repainting your home, choose neutral colors as they appeal to more people. Even if you love having a bright yellow wall surrounding you, some won’t find it appealing at all.
  • Lighting – It’s time to change your light fixtures and use brighter ones. That way, you can improve the ambiance of your house and present an open and inviting atmosphere.
  • Bathroom – Aside from lighting and paint, you must not overlook your bathroom. Give your toilet a sparkle by cleaning it thoroughly. You must also change any leaking faucets. It’s also best to replace your toilet seat to keep the bathroom clean and fresh.
  • Kitchen – Your kitchen will also show signs of living and age, so you must also give it a good clean and repair items that are falling apart. If your cupboards are already hanging from their hinges, consider repairing or replacing them.
  1. Organize

Even when you’ve fixed your bathroom, kitchen, and other areas, it’s still useless if you have a disorganized house. If you’re still living in the house while waiting for a buyer, you must keep your closets and cabinets tidy. Also, keep the clutter or mess out of every room so your potential buyer can see the beauty of your home.

Clean and organize your home, from your porchway down to the innermost room, so you won’t distract your potential buyer. Even a piece of clothing that’s peeking out of a closet can negatively affect your buyer’s impression. Keep it neat!

If they see you have a tidy house, your potential buyers may feel more at home. As a result, they’ll leave the house with a positive feeling and might just consider buying it for themselves.

  1. Landscape

As mentioned, you must keep your porchway clean as well. Add to your porch’s beauty by landscaping it. Since it’ll be the most visible part of your house, it’s best to use the porch and entry to your home to your advantage by having it leave a good impression on visitors.

Not only does it beautify your home, but it also adds value to it. Here are some landscaping tips to help sell your house faster:

  • Splash in some color by planting brightly-colored flowers. That way, your porch and front yard will give off a pleasant and lively aura.
  • Remove unnecessary grass or shrubs. You can do so by shaping or trimming your overgrown trees. By doing so, you’re showing that you have maintained your garden and house well.
  • Lastly, it would be best if you washed off dirty paths to your porch so that homebuyers will feel that the whole house is clean. You can use power washers to clean the bricks, fences, and pavements of your porch, making them spotless and welcoming.


Before putting your house up on the market, you must prepare it well. It’s easy to keep it clean and organized, so a daily or weekly clean-up can help maintain its tidy appearance. Also, don’t forget to make some repairs to avoid decreasing the value of your home. Remember to also depersonalize so you can have more chances of selling your house fast.