Many prospective homeowners are enthralled with the refreshing clean lines of Scandinavian styled kitchens. Those planning to build a new home can include this sensational interior design theme right into their construction plans. This look is all about airy and spacious feelings throughout the home and especially in the kitchen and dining room areas where the family spends a lot of time together.

 Scandinavian Color Palette Picks

The color palette needed to create this type of design style involves bright whites or other lighter hues for the walls with complementary cooler accent shades like muted grays, blues and sea-inspired greens. Finish the look with lighter shaded hardwood floors and/or gorgeous Scandinavian styled floor tiles, kitchen backsplashes and authentic wooden furniture and other focal design accents.

 Using Lighting to Create a Warm, Welcoming and Cozy Atmosphere

A Scandinavian inspired kitchen design style should be one that can transform a ho-hum kitchen space into a cheery Nordic retreat that still retains a warm and welcoming atmosphere without appearing too cold.

One way to achieve this cozy feeling is to carefully select the appropriate lighting fixtures in the room. Industrial styled lighting fixtures, like a grouping of pendant fixtures over a countertop, bar or dining table, can go a long way towards getting that warm vibe able to shake off any seasonal chills.

Also consider installing under cabinet lighting, recessed light options and intriguing wall or floor lamps with cloudy milk-glass or amber light shades to create that desired homey glow that’s able to dispel wintertime gloom with the flick of a switch.

Choosing the Right Cabinets, Counters & Backsplash Materials that Suit a Scandinavian Kitchen Design

To create an authentic looking Scandinavian inspired kitchen theme, it is necessary to choose the right kitchen cabinets, counter surfaces and backsplash materials that ideally suit a Scandinavian kitchen design plan. First, the homeowner should determine their preferred Nordic features and overall design scheme.

It is possible to combine a Nordic design style with country farmhouse decor or more contemporary furnishings simply by adding those design features somewhere into the decor plan. Remember that the Scandinavian design is about airy spaciousness that also includes a cozy focal piece to keep the space from feeling too cold and impersonal.

Consider installing tall upper cabinets painted either a bright white or cream hue or painted a blue-gray neutral shade. The Scandinavian style can combine nicely with an authentic natural wooden farmhouse table or wooden counter surfaces and other touches. Adding muted blues, cool sea greens, pale pink or yellow hues adds simplistic beauty, and a Danish inspired backsplash tile pattern can all serve to create a unique Nordic inspired space that others will envy.

Homeowners should also include open shelving, green plants and metallic accents like copper or pewter silver accessories and focal pieces. Consider displaying the truly stunning Hafnia flatware that boasts curvy lines and elegant details that are timeless with a simplistic beauty that never grows old or outdated.

How to Incorporate Depth Into a Scandinavian Inspired Room

Part of the appeal related to most Scandinavian design themes involve the incorporation of textures like cozy weaved blankets with Norwegian inspired geometric patterns and hues. Adding beautifully framed artwork of nature scenes, displaying copper vintage pieces and adding surprising pops of complementary colors on chair cushions or wall art helps to create more visual depth to the space.

The Danish concept of Hygge is an important design concept when creating a Scandinavian styled cozy kitchen theme. Use different textures and materials both as functional pieces and as recommended layers of design concepts. This is key in pulling off this type of home interior design and kitchen building plan.

Pick one piece of furniture, cabinetry or other larger focal piece. Then, go all out in making it as comfy and lavishly cozy as possible. In the kitchen, this could be the dining room table and or the beautiful cabinets that are both attractive and functional. Add area rugs over oak or other light hardwood flooring to add dimension and warmth. Use snugly afghans on a plush sofa, pick dining room chairs that are mismatched or add pops of color with comfy chair cushions.

It’s All About the Light

Your choice in lighting is also a huge factor in creating the proper depth and coziness factor into a Scandinavian designed kitchen or other space. This lighting should be installed in a layered fashion for best results.

Consider installing a mesmerizing modernistic and trendy chandelier. Many top interior design artists use floor lights to keep the space glowing with light through the nighttime hours, and this trick is practical and serves as a safety measure as well as being an appealing decor touch. If desiring a more contemporary look, hang several varied length light fixtures in a staggered fashion to brighten the space and provide that essential comfort vibe so important in pulling off a Scandinavian style kitchen.

Remember that the Scandinavian design choice is clutter free and spacious. This style also should strive to bring a bit of the outdoors inside. Make use of natural sunlight by adding skylights and/or enlarging current windows or installing new ones to let the available sunshine into your living environment.

When considering kitchen design options, the timeless Scandinavian interior design selection has proven to remain stylish and popular anywhere and anytime.

Article by:

Jessica Kane
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