Every dog needs a place to call home. Many of us have special place inside our homes for our pets, but what about outside the home?  Most dogs like to spend a good deal of time outdoors.  They like to run and play and of course chase the occasional squirrel, right?  So why not consider a doghouse?  It may only be for occasional lounging but Fido will love having a place of his own.  The house can provide a place to rest, get out of the rain or hot sun, and provide protection in the winter months.  In any case, it’s a fun project that most homeowners can take themselves.  There are so many examples online, and if you do your research you’ll find plans to build your own. Here’s a few ideas to get you started!

Plan for a Large and Mobile Dog House

Many mobile dog house plans are designed with only small dogs in mind. There are, however, as many large breeds as there are small ones. If you own such a big and heavy dog as a Labrador retriever for examply, you can still make a beautiful, strong and mobile house for It. The fact that you can furnish it with one of the best dog beds for large dogs makes it even more appealing. Finding good plans to follow when constructing your dog house is crtical if you don’t have experience with this type of thing. And be sure you are building the right size for your particular furry friend. Locking casters installed on the bottom may seem unnecessary, but if you ever need to move it, you’ll be glad you took this step!

The Country Dog House Design with a Porch

The aim of this simple plan is to come with a country look for the dog house once it is done. The front porch makes it a unique piece that will be a special treat for your pet, can provide your dog some shelter from rain, and also shade in the warmer weather.  Make the porch big enough for you pet to stretch out and still be under cover, and keep if off the ground a bit to keep it from being damp and cold in the cooler months.  This pictured example would not be too costly, and the metal room makes construction simple.

The Perfect Plan for a Crooked Dog House

Feeling a little artsy or eccentric?  Do you want your dog’s house to look unique? A dog house can be crooked and look superb. In fact, the excellence of the design is in the crookedness. The sides of the roof as well as the doorposts are not equal. You can modify this type of plan to suit your own whim!  Change up the look to make it your own and the proper size to fit your pet.

Insulated Dog House Plan

Sometimes, the weather may be too hot or cold for your dog to stay comfortably in an outdoor doghouse. There is no better way of ensuring that the dog does not fall victim to weather changes than insulating the house. Adding proper insulation to the house for your pet is critical if you plan to have your pet spend any significant amount of time outdoors.  The proper amount of insulation and proper installation will keep out the cold. Be sure the floor is insulated too, and that there is a way to keep out the cold winter winds. If you are in a climate that gets very warm, you’ll need to be sure you pet has shade outside of the house. If you didn’t build a porch that will supply sufficient shade, be sure you place the house in a shady area.

A Plan to Keep your Dog in the House

Everyone would like to keep their pets as close to them as possible. There is, in fact, no reason to kick a lovely puppy or a cute little spaniel out of the house. Still, your pet will benefit from having a space to get away once in a while.  The trick is building your faithful pet a nice place to spend the moments you are not together. Think of underutilized spaces in your home, like under the stairs! It’s a perfect hideaway for your pet, and won’t cause you to lose space elsewhere in your home.  The dimensions will depend on the size of your dog as well as the area allowed by the flight of stairs.

A Dog Tree House Plan to Remember

If you are an adventurous dog owner, here is an idea to help you along. Build your dog a tree house!  You only need a tree, lumber, and a good plan! Plan for construction of the house with the rear side attached to the tree and the door accessed through a ramp rising up from the ground on the front side. Just be sure that the access to the ‘tree house’ is something your dog can handle, and remember that too steep of an incline may be hard for older dogs.

Last Word

Dogs are man’s best friends. They should, therefore, be treated like a special part of the family. So, why not make your family pet a house of his own? They’ll feel special and you will too knowing you made your pup’s house on your own!

Feature image courtesy of Pixabay.

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