When you have a beautiful and durable floor your home can make a great first impression and they can make a specific statement on what kind of home you live in. A great floor can represent strength, comfort or even a touch of whimsy depending on what kind of floor you’ve opted for. Floors can tell the history of your home and especially the wear and tear of years.

If your floors have been through the wringer you may be considering weighing the pros and cons of upgrading the style of your home and getting a new floor all-together. There may be some hesitation on your part to undergo a floor renovation, especially when you think of how long it will take or all the dust it will kick up when you start.

If you’ve been thinking a lot about the look of your floors then you may just need a great reason to renovate them and get the floors you’ve always wanted. Here is a breakdown of 5 good reasons to help you decide whether or not a flooring renovation is something you need.

1. Upgrade Your Look

The first big reason to jump into a flooring renovation is that you just want a fresh new look for your floors. Maybe the previous owners of your home put in inexpensive flooring to make the home look cosmetically awesome but it hasn’t held up well since you’ve been living there for the past few years.

Perhaps you’ve never liked the color of the carpet your house has but it just hasn’t been practical to change up the look. If you had potty training puppies or even young children you may have been putting off getting new carpeting for good reason. But whatever is motivating you specifically, simply wanting to change your flooring is as good a reason as any to renovate.

If you are hoping to bring your home’s floor to a more up to date look feel free to check in with flooring experts and see what the latest trends in are when it comes to flooring. Choosing new floors doesn’t have to be a daunting task. While it’s true there are a lot of options in the flooring world you probably have a good sense of what you do and don’t like already.

Light greys, whites and natural colors are trendy right now but if those aren’t to your taste or don’t seem to jive well with the current design of your home, of course, feel free to get the floor treatment that you love. Unless you are putting in new floors to sell your home, pick floors you really love!

2. Allergies

If someone in your household has been suffering from allergies you may want to look to see if your current flooring could be contributing to their allergies symptoms. Allergens, like dust and pollen, can be stored up in old carpeting and within the carpet pads. These allergens can also trigger asthmatic reactions as well.

Eventually, all the airborne particles that can cause allergies to meet their fate with gravity and settle into carpeting so replacing older carpeting can help clear out the substances people may be allergic to. But just because carpet can store allergens doesn’t mean you must avoid all carpeting forevermore.

New carpet, especially Berber carpeting, with its tight weave is more resistant to allergens and when it is vacuumed frequently. Especially when new carpeting is combined with specialty allergen decreasing HVAC filters, you can still enjoy the benefits and comfort of carpeting in your home.

But if you want to completely switch from carpeting in order to help allergies or keep pet dander at bay, then switching to a hard flooring surface is also an excellent choice and between hardwood, tile and look-alike options you will have many options.

3. Better Insulation

If you live in a cold climate area you may want to choose a flooring that helps keep temperatures stable throughout the year. Carpeting is a great insulator for floors and can help reduce the energy bills of your home. The carpet fibers are natural insulators and you can opt for a pad that will serve as another insulation layer as well as adding a cushion.

Carpeting isn’t the only solution for temperature control in your home, however. You may be surprised to learn that laminate flooring can also provide quality insulation and sound dampening because the laminate requires an underlayment, while still maintaining a hardwood floor look.

With heating and cooling costs on the rise, it makes sense to do everything you can to keep your home well insulated from temperature extremes and renovating your floors is an excellent way to both change the look of your home and help it become more insulated.

4. Replace over Repair

While if your tile floor has just one crack in it, you may find it is easier to repair the floor than undergo a complete renovation. For other floors that are more severely damaged, stained or squeaky you should definitely consider a complete renovation starting with new subflooring. If the subfloor is rotted, cracked or warped whatever new floor you choose won’t look good.

Getting a new subfloor is a great investment during a renovation to ensure your new flooring choice has a stable and level surface to be installed on. The new subfloor will also keep your floors more level and less prone to squeaks.

If you have any concern about your fall risks for you or a loved one, then installing a new specialty floor that is both level and protective can help protect them from the impact of a fall. Having a consistent floor throughout your home without transitions at thresholds will also help reduce the frequency of falls since they are tripping hazards.

Even professional carpet cleaners can’t get the most stubborn stains out and you may be better off replacing it with the new carpet you’ve been wanting. If your hardwood floor is all scratched up from children’s toys or your pet’s nails, when your old floor is in dire need of replacement, there’s no better time to undergo a renovation.

5. Getting Ready to Sell

While everyone wants to have that fresh carpet smell for themselves, it isn’t any wonder that many homeowners replace their flooring prior to putting their homes on the market.  New floors can offer a significant return on investment.

Because a lot of floors to begin to show wear and tear over a few years and you will want your house to look the best it can while you’re trying to sell. While hardwood floors are still king and offer the biggest bang for your buck, installing any neutral modern flooring is a great idea to appeal to homebuyers.

Having a new floor will help your home look sharp and elegant so it is more likely your home will sell. When prospective buyers notice your new floor straight away during a showing they will see a home that is move-in ready and they won’t have to worry about the hassle of replacing it themselves. Choosing a new floor as an investment is one you won’t regret.


Whatever reason you may have for picking out a new floor, be sure to ask a flooring professional to help you have the best possible floors. Getting new floors can be a lot of fun and choosing the look of your new floors can be an experience you won’t soon forget. No matter what kind of floor you need, there is a perfect option out there waiting to enhance your home.